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Slaying Your Dragons

The focus of this module is Identifying and uprooting old, self-defeating premises, processing and overcoming trauma, dealing with difficult emotional/psychological patterns.

The focus of these sessions is understanding and changing some of the deep-rooted premises and patterns in your psychology, that repeatedly hinder your pursuit and enjoyment of a good life—whether they’re related to a clinical diagnosis, or just incorrect evaluations and judgements compounded over time.

Some themes and topics we’ll likely explore:

1. Premises and patterns, part 1: identifying your core premises and value-judgments, including any conflicting ones, and understanding their roots.

2. Premises and patterns, part 2: observing and understanding your automatized thought and action habits, how and why you sometimes “go off the rails,” etc.

3. Embracing the work: how to uproot your unhealthy premises and change your psychological patterns, and cultivate the courage and pride that this requires.

Associated reading/viewing material:

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