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Knowing Yourself

The theme of this module is understanding yourself better—and developing methods, habits, and tools to help you take charge of your own psychology.

How do you introspect effectively, contra some ineffective approaches to introspection? How can you be resolutely honest with yourself, even in the times when it’s hardest? What are the healthiest ways to understand and manage your emotions? These are some of the questions we may explore in the sessions under this area.

Some themes and topics we’ll likely explore:

1)  Earning your own trust: understanding the ways in which we might deceive ourselves, internalizing the key premises of self-honesty.

2)  Figuring out feelings: learning how to healthily relate to your emotions—harnessing emotions to enrich your life, while ensuring that reason takes the reins.

3)  Building your introspection routine: learning and developing practices for introspecting consistently and constructively, and distinguishing healthy from unhealthy forms of self-reflection.

Associated reading/viewing material:

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