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Building Connection

The focus of this module is human connection—and learning how to build and sustain healthy, win-win relationships with other human beings.

Whether you want to find a romantic connection, get better at making friends, develop qualities of character that will help you have stronger relationships, or learn how to navigate conflicts and differences with the people you love—these sessions are designed to boost your efforts to build better relationships and deeper connections with others.

Some themes and topics we’ll likely explore:

1. Psychological prerequisites for building connection: knowing your goals and values, having clarity of purpose, reading your own emotional signals, being selective and judgemental relative to your purpose.

2. Psychological techniques for cultivating deeper connection, part 1: making yourself understood—objective and assertive communication skills.

3. Psychological techniques for cultivating deeper connection, part 2: understanding others—knowing and valuing others, active listening, reading their emotional signals, respecting their volition and context.

Associated reading/viewing material:

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