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Becoming a Builder

The focus of this module is your work—and the cultivation of purpose and action around your work.

Whether you want to develop a central purpose, chart a new career roadmap for yourself, or overcome the inertia of various psychological hurdles to take charge and make real progress towards your goals—these sessions are designed to help you clarify your purpose and translate it into action, so you can learn to be a builder worthy of your own admiration and pride.

Some themes and topics we’ll likely explore:

1. Choosing what to build: exploring your purpose, passions, and capabilities—and understanding your unique challenges and goals around these.

2. Building is a verb: putting your desires and ambitions to work, and cultivating purposeful action-mode as second nature.

3. Overcoming builder’s block: understanding what slows you down, holds you back, scares you, and stops you from building—and how to overcome that rut to keep forging ahead.

Associated reading/viewing material:

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